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There is no doubt that Los Angeles is a beautiful place to live in and as a result, it ranks as one of the most photographed places on earth. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that drone flying is an activity that most individuals residing there have taken up with excitement.

This can be due to the fact that drones provide a good aerial view of the wonderful sights the city has to offer or the city itself provides advantageous locations in which the activity can be taken up. Not only are drone enthusiasts flying their beloved drones in Los Angeles, so are Los Angeles video production companies. Drones drastically cut costs for video production companies and they are able to obtain beautiful scenic footage.

With the recent laws in place by the state government to protect the privacy and security of its residents, drone flying is now restricted in certain areas. To prevent yourself getting tangled up with the law over a misstep, the following are places where drone flying is appropriate within Los Angeles, however, double check the statutes within the cities as new laws can be passed at any time.

Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a beautiful location no doubt and it is one of the best places in the Los Angeles area to get good visuals but still, you have to exercise caution here. Currently, the Santa Monica Pier has no laws against the flight of drones but this is an area that sees its fair share of crowds. Also, you have to verify with the local authority and the Santa Monica Airport Control Tower before releasing your drone out to the public as the Pier is really close to air traffic coming from there. After you have all this cleared, you are free to enjoy the sights and open area of Santa Monica Pier.

Hermosa Beach Pier, Hermosa Beach

Another beach pier that makes it on our list of appropriate places to fly in Los Angeles is the Hermosa Beach Pier and luckily, it does not have close proximity to the airport. Luckily, it is out of the restrictive five-mile radius placed by the Los Angeles government on the three airports surrounding it. You can go ahead and get all those beauty shots of crashing waves and sunsets you’ve been dying to without violating any laws.

Agua Amarga Canyon, Palos Verdes Estates

The first private residential location on the list of appropriate places to fly in Los Angeles is the Agua Amarga Canyon. The fact that it provides the perfect boost for drone fliers to receive an encompassing look of the many estates there as well as the coastline makes it an attractive spot. Although it has private residences around it, as long as you do not encroach on the privacy of the residents, you are good to go.

Rose Bowl Field, Pasadena

Although the field gracing the Rose Bowl front has not been given an adequate name yet, it still does not change the fact that it is still one of the best drone flying spots in Los Angeles with the reason being that it provides a lot of large and open air spaces to practice low flying, capture moments and relieve sports excitement.


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